The GWP CACENA Nomination Commission selected a candidate for the position of Programme Manager

The GWP CACENA Nomination Commission approved Mr. Djayloobayev A. for the position of Manager of the GWP Water and Climate Programme: Transfer GWP's Knowledge for Climate-Resilient Development  in Caucasus and Central Asia for 2013- 2015

Mr Abdybai Djayloobayev, Kyrgyzstan, born 1961

Education: MSc, Hydraulic engineering; MSc, Lawyer

Organisation/Category: Public sector

Nomination through: GWP Central Asia and Caucasus


Mr. Abdybai Djayloobayev has 17 years of professional experience in the field of water management and water law. Since 1996 he held the position of Deputy Director of the Water Use, Interstate Relations and Water resources Division at the Department of Water Resources at the Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources and Reprocessing Industry of the Kyrgyz Republic. From 2009 until 2011 he also worked as a National Expert within the GIZ Program “Transboundary water management in Central Asia”.  Mr.  Abdybai Djayloobayev completed a number of training courses both on water management and water law. He participated in various international projects supported by renowned organizations such as ADB, SDC, WB, UN.

Mr. Djayloobayev has been a member of GWP for the last 11 years and, from 2009, as a Regional Council Member from Kyrgyzstan and Chair of CWP-Kyrgyzstan.


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