IWD2018: Time is Now: Rural and urban activists transforming women's life

International Women's Day (IWD) is celebrated on March 8 every year. For 2018, the UN’s theme is: “Time is Now: Rural and urban activists transforming women's life.” On the eve of celebrating, we decided to ask women in the GWP CACENA network a question: "Time is now for equality in water access and management! How can activism empower #WaterWomen?"

Zemphira Lablabunova, Tajikistan

 "Happy holiday, dear women! Due to improved water supply conditions, my family daily reduced the time spent on water services and began to use water economically. As result, expenses in the family budget for the month decreased by 15%."


Gulafruz Razakova, member of the Public Council "Water and Women", Tajikistan

"Happy holiday! Thanks to the government program on providing population of Tajikistan with potable water until 2020, women became more active in solving water problems. I am a member of the Public Council "Water and Women". Our slogan: "For the purity of water and the beauty of nature."



 Shakhmalieva Subhana, Head of the Laboratory "Water consumption and irrigation regime", Associate Professor, PhD, the Scientific and Production Association of Hydraulic Engineering and Melioration, Azerbaijan

“About 70% of the Azerbaijan population uses water of transboundary rivers. Because of pollution and lack of water of these rivers, women are the first who suffer. I as one of the many women-scientists working in the water sector of Azerbaijan, are also looking for ways to solve these problems. Currently, I continue to work on the most rational and economical use of available water resources in order to provide the population with environmentally pure agricultural products.”

Satykulkova Gulmira, Head of the Kyrgyz part of the Chu-Talas Water Commission Secretariat, Kyrgyzstan

“In terms of gender equality, the Commission of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Republic of Kazakhstan on the use of interstate water facilities on the Chu and Talas rivers, I think, is exemplary. The heads of both the Kyrgyz and Kazakh parts of the Secretariat are women. At the Secretariat of the Commission, 7 working groups have been established in various areas. And in the composition of these working groups more than half of the members are representatives of the weaker sex. Maybe this is due to the fact that women in our society as a whole are more educated than men: in the school and at the university women are studing better, get higher marks, including mathematics, physics, chemistry traditionally considered "male directions".  Women are more scrupulous in working with documents, more assiduous, stress-resistant. Providing women and girls with equal access to education, health services, decent work and participation in political and economic decision-making processes will help to achieve economic sustainability and will benefit society and humanity as a whole.”

Nino Chkhobadze,  Member of the Board of CWP-Georgia

“I remember the words of the Georgian classic Ilya Chavchavadze from his book "Traveller's Notes" (1861): "The good for you, Terek! You are beautiful and mutinous, you do not know rest ...  Movement and only movement, my Terek, gives  life and strength to the World... "[Terek is meaning the Terek  River]

Liana Margaryan, GWP CACENA Regional Council member, Armenia

"We all are  different: we have different cultures, religions, skin colors. But there is one common thing we have - we all need water to survive, as a miracle of nature bestowed as an equal right to live."

Oyungerel Tsedevdamba, President of Local Solutions Foundation, Author of the book “Let’s change our toilets”, Mongolia

“A Happy International Women’s Day! 2018 is a very important year for us at Local Solutions Foundation. Our team and supportive professionals and volunteers is travelling around Mongolia training local activists on how to change Mongolia’s toilets. We are witnessing remarkable attitude changes, growing enthusiasm and a vanishing of prejudices against the word “toilet” during our training tours. More good changes are coming soon!” 

Kuralay Yakhiyaeva, CWP-Kazakhstan Secretary, Kazakhstan

"Woman and water have a common fundamental thing: both are the source of life on the Earth. And at the same time they are unpredictable, can heal and can destroy"