World Water Day 2017 in Central Asia and Caucasus

This year celebrating the World Water Day in CACENA region has started before its date. Many events were held by GWP CACENA partners to raise awareness on water related problems.

CWP-Armenia together with the NGO "Sustainable Water Environment" organized a conference that took place in the Nairi Hall of the Ani Plaza Hotel.

Representatives of various ministries and agencies (Health, Nature Conservation, Agriculture, Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources, Goskomvodkhoz), private sector, NGOs, media (Armenia TV and Public Radio), as well as pupils and teachers from 5 schools (from different cities and villages) participated in the conference. 

Prior to the conference, within celebrating the World Water Day, from the beginning of March, CWP-Armenia conducted trainings named "Let's save water: sewage as a water resource" for schoolchildren in 5 schools in Armenia. The purpose of these trainings is to inform schoolchildren about the most important issues and problems related to water resources and wastewater. Instructors interactively discussed such issues as the importance of water for humans and nature, pollution and not efficient use of water resources, the hidden potential of waste water and its reuse. At the end of the trainings they showed a thematic cartoon and asked schoolchildren to draw thematic pictures for presentation at the conference on the 22nd of March.

Pupils from the Gegharkunik village welcomed participants. They also presented the Ecoclub "Azhdahak". They showed the performance about Lake Sevan, its contaminated tributaries. Then they called on the participants to help the lake.


All the schoolchildren presented their pictures on the screen, after that the opening ceremony of the exhibition "Let's save water" was held. The winners of the contest were awarded with books, and all contest participants and teachers awarded prizes and certificates.

                             1st Prize                                                                  2nd Prize

3d Prize “Water and wastewater” Honorable Prize "Save the Water"

    3d Prize “Water and wastewater”                Honorable Prize "Save the Water"

After the conference, schoolchildren and teachers visited the Geological Museum of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia and got acquainted with the exhibits of the museum.

In the Geological MuseumIn the Geological Museum

 In the Geological Museum

On 16-22 March 2017 a number of events dedicated to the World Water Day were held in Uzbekistan. The aim was to attract attention of people to problems related to environment protection, safe drinking water, the judicious use of water resources.

On March 22, the results of the previously announced photo contest dedicated to the theme

"Water is life", as well as scientific works of students on the theme "Water and the development of the country", videos and banners were summed up. Winners were awarded with valuable gifts and diplomas.

On March 22, CWP-Azerbaijan organized the seminar for schoolchildren in the Tauz city. The seminar was dedicated to the World Water Day. The aim was to raise awareness of young generation on problems related to water resources use, and to motivate them for participation in solving those problems.

CWP-Mongolia together with the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Construction and Urban Development organized a number of events dedicated to the World Water Day:

The events were started on 16th of March with press conference "Wastewater is new resource for water supply"  that was held in small waste water treatment plant for all media and newspaper journalists.