2014 Consulting Partners Meeting

The 2014 GWP Regional Days and Consulting Partners were held in Port of Spain, Trinidad, from 23 to 28 June 2014. The theme of this year's meeting was: “The GWP Strategy Towards 2020: Addressing Thematic Issues”.

This theme enabled GWP to develop operational programmes within the emerging themes of water security and food, energy and ecosystems, to complement the programmes on water security and climate change, transboundary water management, and integrated urban water management which are already under implementation in various regions.  

Professor John B.R. Agard held the GWP Annual Lecture at the Consulting Partners Meeting on the topic: “Climate Change and Water”.  Watch the entire speech, which is divided into two clips - Part 1 is 47'56" long and Part 2 is 7'09" long.