Climate Resilience Programme

The impacts of climate change manifest through alterations in the water cycle, exposing ecosystems and the livelihoods of people to increased variability in water availability and increased exposure to water-related hazards. These impacts are expected to intensify over time, posing a significant threat. The impacts of climate change in the water sector also hinder economic and social development, emphasizing the need for countries to integrate water security and climate resilience strategies into their development plans.

To support countries to build their climate resilience and improve their adaptive capacity, GWPSA, through the Climate Resilience Programme is supporting countries to implement adaptation-related commitments in the Paris Agreement. Focus areas include support for the implementation of Nationally Determined Contributions, National Adaptation Plans processes, South-South Cooperation, project preparation, implementing adaptation demonstration projects, climate financing, and mainstreaming social inclusion in climate change strategies.

The Climate Resilience Programme is committed to engaging multilateral climate financing programmes, like the Green Climate Fund, and seeking bilateral funding from organisations such as the Austria Development Agency. The programme’s focus is on advocating for the financial backing of water-related projects and facilitating support for countries in the preparation and submission of project proposals. This collaborative effort is carried out in partnership with entities accredited to global climate funders such as: AfDB, ADA, IADB, UNDP, UNEP, and various others. By prioritising climate finance mobilisation, the Programme aims to support countries to address critical water challenges and advance sustainable climate resilience.

To mobilise political support and facilitate the implementation of the Continental Africa Water Investment Programme, the Climate Resilience Programme is supporting the African Union Commission and the Southern African Community Development Secretariat with mobilising climate finance, project preparation, facilitating of knowledge exchange on adaptation and providing policy advice.

The programme:

  • Supports project preparation and the development of concept notes and funding proposals to mobilise climate finance.
  • Supports formulating NDC implementation roadmaps for water at the national and subsector levels.
  • Supports government in developing and implementing gender-transformative measures and policies that promote gender equality.
  • Incorporates water security, climate resilience strategies, and gender-transformative measures into development plans.
  • Promotes and supports gender-sensitive adaptation actions and recognition of gender differences and social inclusion in adaptation plans.