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WEF Nexus framework to strengthen coordination of water, energy, and food sectors in the SADC Region

The Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) Water Energy Food (WEF) Regional Governance Framework is expected to strengthen WEF Nexus governance in the region. The Framework together with the web- based regional investment project screening and appraisal tool form part of the milestones achieved during the first phase of the WEF Nexus Project implemented from January 2017 to December 2019. The WEF Nexus Phase One has also been key to promoting the WEF Nexus agenda in the SADC region, attracting high-level political buy-in in the region and interest beyond the SADC region.
/ Southern Africa

Vote for your African Water ChangeMaker People’s Choice

Africa is particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change due to a number of interlinked challenges, including land degradation, poverty, and extreme weather events. The continent also has a low adaptive capacity, in part due to financial and technical constrains, and a heavy reliance on rain-fed agriculture.