GWPSA In Action

GWPSA's programmes and activities since inception have supported institutions charged with delivering on continental, regional & national water-related priorities by following an Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) approach; which is a coordinated, goal-directed processes for controlling the development and use of river, lake, ocean, wetland, and other water assets.

GWPSA’s programmes are aligned towards regional integration by supporting:-

  • The implementation of the African Union Sharm el-Sheikh Declaration on Water and Sanitation, and specifically contributing to The African Ministers Council on Water AMCOW’s work on climate change (AMCOW), through the Water, Climate and Development Programme (WACDEP).
  • The development of the SADC Vision for Water, Life and the Environment.
  • The implementation of the SADC Regional IWRM Strategic Plan III (RSAP III), by executing some elements of the RSAP III.
  • Regional River Basin Organizations (RBOs) and Commissions.
  • Establishment of Multistakeholder Platforms (Country Water Partnerships) in 12 of the 14 SADC member states. The CWPs support their governments on IWRM issues, National Ministries of Water and National Development Plans/ and poverty reduction strategies etc.
  • Regional Multistakeholder dialogues involving all sectors, thus strengthening ownership of IWRM reforms at regional level.
  • The bridge between research and policy on IWRM.