2020 Maji Week Scientific Conference

The theme for this year's Maji Week Scientific Conference is: Water and Climate Change: Ensuring Water Security for All.

The Ministry of Water in Tanzania celebrates World Water Day by organising the Maji Week Celebrations, a week long series of events in different regions under different themes. GWP Tanzania is coordinating the Maji Week Scientific Conference on behalf of the Tanzanian Ministry of Water.

2019 was the first year that Maji Week incorporated a scientific conference as part of the events. This tradition will be followed in 2020. The Maji Week conference was conceived as a platform for sharing new knowledge, insights and experience for research undertaken in Tanzania, as well as other countries on water. Most of the researchers and practitioners in the water sector in Tanzania have often presented their work in regional and global forums with minimal sharing of the same in the country.

Thus, this second Maji Week Scientific Conference is geared towards filling this gap – by providing a national platform where all the research undertaken in Tanzania and beyond on water will be shared for the benefit of adoption and upscaling of some of the innovative ideas and insights in the water sector development processes.

During the Maji Week Scientific Conference, practitioners, policy makers, researchers and academicians from across the world will gather to network, collaborate, learn and inspire each other. Cognisant is made to the fact that the 2020 has been declared as the year of action on climate adaptation by the global community, this conference is uniquely placed to contribute to the worldwide momentum on climate change adaptation and resilience in the water sector

For more information about this event, the submission of abstracts, and the call for hosting sessions or events, please click here or read the attached document.