GWP SA to hold its 11th Consulting Partners (CP) Meeting

The 11th Global Water Partnership Southern Africa (GWP SA) Consulting Partners meeting will be held from the 13th to the 14th of October 2015 in Pretoria, South Africa. The meeting that is held after every two years brings together the GWP Partners in Southern Africa, GWP SA Board, Regional Technical Committee (RTEC) and the GWP SA Secretariat staff. Also invited are the Strategic Partners with whom GWP SA has programmatic alliances, but these are self-funded.

This year’s meeting will serve as a platform to reflect on what has been learnt in order to better support regional and national development priorities. Much has been achieved with regards to getting Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) principles acknowledged and incorporated in water legislation and policies in the region and countries have started applying these in water resources management. However, more needs to be done to avert the risks associated with water insecurity, which will impact a range of water dependant sectors. Realising that the partnership needs to do more with regards to mitigating risks associated with water insecurity, GWP SA cannot continue to do the same things and expect different better outcomes. Therefore, the discussions will centre on how the partnership can be revamped and remodelled to address the critical water insecurity challenges that are faced in the countries. The discussions will feed into defining realistic approaches of making the country water partnerships effective and relevant. Depending on the status of the formulation of the SADC RSAP IV the CP – as a regional multi-stakeholder platform - will be given an opportunity to contribute to the regional action plan.

The CP 2015 meeting will comprise for parts as follows;

  • SESSION 1 - The Annual General Meeting;
  • SESSION 2 – Development and implementation of country programmes;
  • SESSION 3 –  Positioning the partnership to support national and regional priorities; and
  • SESSION 4 - Contributing to regional processes

 Expected Outcomes

  • Partners updated on the progress of implementation of resolutions from the 10th CP Meeting held in Harare and fulfilment of all governance requirements.
  • Report back on implementation of the current 3 year programme.
  • Reflection on CWP performance and ways of ensuring the partnership is positioned to address water insecurity risks and support development priorities.
  • Strategies for developing programmes with water related sectors such as environment and biodiversity, climate change and land & agriculture (food security and desertification issues).

The 11th CP meeting follows after the 10th meeting which was held in June 2013 in Harare, Zimbabwe and was critical in evaluating the previous strategic period (2009-2013) and also contributing to the GWP 2020 Strategy and the more immediate term 2015-2017 Regional Work Programme.