GWPSA participates in Zimbabwe Training of Trainers on the NAP

On the 4th to the 6th of May, 2016, GWPSA contributed to the National Adaptation Plans (NAP) process through its participation in a Training of Trainers workshop in Zimbabwe, with the aim of advancing the Zimbabwe NAP through the NAP Global Support Programme (GSP). The workshop was held in Kadoma, Zimbabwe, and 40 people attended. The participants came from various government departments, which include; Climate Change, Water, Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA), Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Local Government and Oxfam. 

The workshop was officially opened by Mr Washington Zhakata, Director of the Department of Climate Change and its objective was to assist the Government of Zimbabwe to build necessary capacity to advance the NAP process through multi-stakeholder collaboration. The workshop aimed to enhance understanding of the main aspects of the NAP process, overview of broad-based nature of climate change adaption impacts, analysing challenges, and having open discussion with key stakeholder on defining a road-map for the NAP process.

The three day workshop covered various topics all aimed at developing leadership and enhanced coordination on climate change planning. Under the topic on “Assessing climate development linkages and mainstreaming needs”, participants were able to review available information and identify appropriate steps to planning. Under the topic on “Appraising adaptation options”, participants were provided an understanding of using appraisal in the NAP process. Other topics covered were related to aspects on conducting implementation, monitoring, coordinating reporting and outreach. A roadmap was thus developed to ensure that the process moves forward.

At the workshop, GWPSA represented by Mr. Michael Ramaano, WACDEP SAF Regional Manager gave a presentation on “Capacity Development in the Zimbabwe WACDEP”.  The presentation provided lessons for participants on how to apply analytical economic techniques to carry out economic assessments at the sector level and to appraise adaptation options, under the implementation of the WACDEP Capacity Development Initiative.

At the end of the workshop, a Task Team made up of five members from Water, Climate, Agriculture, Meteorology and Local Government was set up in order to drive the NAP Process after the workshop. It was emphasized that the team should be able to call on the support of all collaborating partners such as UNDP and GWP to ensure that it achieves its mandate of implementing the roadmap.

The workshop is part of the process in which the Government of Zimbabwe is planning to conduct ten provincial-level NAP trainings as part of a comprehensive national NAP programming process. Through the Training of Trainers, NAP-GSP provided support to develop trainers for the provincial workshops. The workshop is also part of a series of on-going activities being undertaken by GWPSA aimed at supporting Least Developed Countries (LDCs) to address the adverse impacts of climate change through medium and longer-term NAPs.