GWPSA welcomes New Chair - Dr. Kuiri F. Tjipangandjara

At the 11th GWPSA Consulting Partners held in Pretoria from 12-13th November, 2015, GWPSA Partners elected a new Chair.  In line with GWPSA’s Constitution, the Chair will serve for four years.  The new Chair, Dr. Kuiri F. Tjipangandjara is from Namibia. He obtained his D Sci Eng Degree in 1991 in Mineral Engineering and Chemical Metallurgy, at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Columbia University, New York City, USA. 

Dr Tjipangandjara is no stranger to the water sector, with over 30 years experience working as a researcher, practitioner and in academia.  His focus has been primarily on water security as it relates to Water Utility Management, Water Infrastructure Planning, Water Resources Management and Utilization as well as Transboundary Water Management.

Dr Tjipangandjara has held the positions of General Manager: Engineering & Scientific Services, General Manager: Operations / Water Supply of Namibia Water Corporation (NamWater), where he served for 17 years in Windhoek.  Prior to that he worked for Rossing Uranium Mine, and the University of Namibia (Head of the Science and Technology Division and Acting Director of the Multidisciplinary Research Centre (MRC).

He is a former Board member of the Water Research Fund for Southern Africa (WARFSA) and an active member of the International Water Association and International Desalination Association. Dr. Tjipangandjara has also been very actively engaged in a number of transboundary water projects.

Speaking at the end of the “GWPSA Meeting of Chairs’’ (designed as a one day orientation and hand over /briefing  process for the new Chair) held on 3rd February, 2016,  Dr. Tjipangandjara noted that a number of interlinked challenges such as climate change, droughts, floods, transboundary water management and food and energy insecurity need to be highlighted and addressed so as to attain water security.  He emphasised the need for programmes to eventually make a difference in the lives of people on the ground. He added that “The success of our work depends on participating Country Water Partnerships on the ground, who are crucial in ensuring that an array of multi-sectoral stakeholders take on the various tasks needed to attain water security.

Dr. Tjipangandjara further pointed out that it was crucial for GWPSA to more aggressively market its products to various stakeholders as a way of ensuring stronger collaboration and investment - particularly with water-related sectors.

Speaking when making her presentation on “an overview of GWP” at the orientation meeting, Ms Ruth Beukman, GWPSA’s Executive Secretary noted the various contributions made by the former Chairs of GWPSA since its inception.  Building on discussions at the orientation meeting, Ms Beukman   wished to highlight the significant contribution that out-going Chair Dr. Akolang Tombale made towards Country Water Partnerships on their reactivation and ownership of tackling country challenges through their country programmes.  It was added that Dr. Tombale will also be remembered for his strategic leadership and diplomacy in guiding GWPSA’s institutional development.

*The GWPSA Meeting of Chairs included the new Chair Dr. Kuiri Tjipangandjara, former Chair Dr. Akolang Tombale and the Deputy Chair Eng. Munashe Mvura. In addition to ‘the Chairs’ and GWPSA Executive Secretary, the meeting also benefitted from participation of the GWPO Network Officer – Mr Alex Simalabwi and the GWPSA and Coordination unit staff.