Project Preparation and Financing Support to WACDEP

Following the WACDEP Africa Technical Coordination and Annual Programming Meeting which was held from the 15th to the 17th of September 2014 at Meikles Hotel, Harare, Zimbabwe a training workshop on Project Preparation and Financing was held from the 18th to the 19th September, 2014. The training workshop brought together 35 participants which included the WACDEP Africa Coordination Unit; WACDEP Project Preparation National Consultants, WACDEP Work Package 4 (WP 4) National and Regional Partner Institutions and WACDEP Country Programme Managers.


The specific objectives of the training were as follows:

  • To enhance capacities of participants on the WACDEP (WP 4) framework for Project Preparation and Financing and the mechanism and modalities to carry out activities under WACDEP WP 4 at national and regional level.
  • To build a common understanding in the aims and objectives of the WACDEP WP 4 focusing on water security and climate resilience related projects preparation and financing.
  • To familiarize participants with the WACDEP framework for developing fundable water security and climate resilience related projects for national and regional institutions.
  • To clarify roles and responsibilities of different partners engaged in the implementation of the WACDEP WP 4.
  • To clarify implementation modalities and timeframe and to ensure a clear understanding of how the WACDEP WP 4 will be implemented in countries and regions.

Through the support provided by the Infrastructure Consortium for Africa (ICA) Water Platform, a Financial Expert (Dr. Guy Pegram) was recruited in March 2014 to assist regions and countries in collaboration with WACDEP Africa Coordination Unit to carry out WACDEP activities related to project preparation. The support for project preparation and financing will ensure that countries and regions are equipped with taking the identified options a step further towards implementation. So far, countries and regions implementing the WACDEP are currently identifying investment options for water security and climate resilience from existing and on-going national development processes (these investments could be in infrastructure, institutions and information).

In giving the welcome remarks, Ms Ruth Beukman, GWP SA Executive Secretary noted the importance of the two day training as a platform where all participants could learn more about WP 4. She further noted that WP 4 is the glue that brings all Work Packages together in WACDEP. However, she noted that the pressure was to understand project preparation and investments and how we can unlock the funds that are out there to put together meaningful projects. She further welcomed everyone and noted that the aim of the training was to unlock the complicated issues in project preparation and financing.

In the same vein, Callixte Kambanda highlighted that ICA was delighted to be part of the programme and to be part of the development and implementation of WACDEP. He also noted that a lot of project concept notes are well elaborated at the beginning but never come to fruition because there is lack of good project preparation and lack of financing. However, he hoped that the workshop will help boost the preparation of water projects.

In enhancing a common understanding of the framework on project preparation, project cycles and financing, Dr Guy Pegram, WACDEP Finance Expert and Mr Callixte Kambanda, gave presentations that gave more detail on WP 4 and what the national consultants will be doing. The presentations given also sought to shed more light on what are we trying to deliver and how are we going to deliver it. The role and deliverables of the national consultants were also highlighted.  A checklist on project preparation was also presented to assist in coming up with bankable projects.

Jefter Sakupwanya, from Climate Resilience Infrastructure Development Facility (CRIDF) gave a presentation on selecting projects for climate resilient water infrastructure. He gave an overview on project selection which included transparency, fairness and inclusivity. In her presentation on International Architecture of climate finance, Maika Mueller, Programme Assistant (WACDEP) noted that little clarity remains on the definition of climate finance. However, Buchner (2011) have defined climate finance as funds channeled by national, regional and international entities for climate change mitigation and adaptation projects and programs. She further highlighted the facilities that are channeling funds and how GWP can access those funds.

In giving the closing remarks Mr Andrew Takawira thanked Dr Guy Pegram and his team for the one and half day training and handed over to Mr Armand Houanye to reflect on where we started off and what the training managed to achieve. In light of this, the discussion was based on the expectations that were highlighted by the participants at the beginning of the training. The participants agreed that the following expectations were met:

Knowledge and experiences sharing

  • Lessons learnt on experiences related to project preparation and financing with feasible options to address water security and climate resilience development
  • Best practises related to project preparation to get funding in Africa 
  • Status on the implementation of the WACDEP  WP 4 project preparation in Africa

Skills and abilities

  • How to develop projects: steps, activities and outputs
  • Understanding of financing and resources mobilisation (funding sources)
  • How to implement developed projects

Ready to implement and deliver 

  • WP 4 –mechanisms and modalities - How to work as a team with consultant and government/ regional partners (with relevant tools and methods) to deliver expected outputs Linkages between WP 4 and other WACDEP Work Pages