The Mauritius Youth Water Network – Raising Awareness on current water situation and solutions for Mauritius

The Mauritius Youth Water Network (MYWN) is an association comprising youth from different organisations (government, NGOs and other civil society organisations).  The MYWN was set up in June 2015 following a National Youth Forum during the SADC Water Week. The forum brought together youth leaders to develop a national action plan for the implementation of the AMCOW Policy and Strategy on Mainstreaming Youth in the Water and Sanitation Sector and SADC Youth Strategy.

The aim of the MYWN is as follows:

1)      To further develop the action plans prepared during the National Youth Forum and implement them through funding from companies;

2)      To associate with different NGOs in the attempt to bring about a change in society concerning water issues;

3)       To organise various awareness campaigns and events involving youth participation on occasions such as the World Water Day.

In line with SADC’S vision to promote the contribution of youth in the water sector, the SADC Youth Water Team Mauritius has facilitated the participation of some students of the University of Mauritius in the Waternet Symposium which was held on the 28-30 October 2015 at Le Meridien Hotel, Mauritius. Final year students had a good exposure of the various studies carried out in African countries related to water and sanitation sector. In addition, students who carried out research in the water and sanitation sector had the opportunity to present their studies during the symposium. This helped them to enhance their presentation and leadership skills as well as to enlarge their professional networks. Meeting up with experts in the water and sanitation sector also enabled them to broaden their knowledge in the field.

Secondly for the World Water Day, the Mauritius Youth Water Network raised awareness through a short video on the vulnerability of Mauritius to climate change, the current water situation in Mauritius and solutions to improve same and the job prospects in the ocean sector. The Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities and the University of Mauritius provided us with the opportunity to project the video during the National World Water Day celebrations.

The link to the video can be found on the link below:

The upcoming projects for 2016 include in the main the cleaning up of rivers in sensitive areas around the island and the possible implementation of rain water harvesting projects in schools through funding from private companies or other sponsors.

The Mauritius Youth Water Network encourages the youth to show their commitments in making a difference in the water sector through their leadership and innovative ideas. The reins to lead Mauritius towards a sustainable future are in their hands.