Youth H2O Forum join in commemorating World Water Day theme on “Water and Jobs”

The Youth H2O forum joined a number of stakeholders in commemorating World Water Day which fell on 22nd March 2016. The day was commemorated in two different places. The main event was held in Choma Southern province on the 21st March, and the other event was held in Lusaka at Mtendere Clinic. 

The activities on that day consisted of a colorful march past by majorettes from Njanse girls secondary school in Choma. The match past began from Choma museum up to the stadium. The event was attended by the Hon. Minister of Energy and Water Development, the Permanent Secretary and his Deputy for Southern Province, the Chief,  Ambassadors and high commissioners, heads of UN Agencies,  Civil Society Organizations, Faith-Based Organizations,  Private Sector, Youth Representatives, Media, and other guests from water related firms.

Different organisation in the water related sector made presentations on the roles they are playing in solving water and sanitation problems. Like other representative’s take took place in the event, The Youth H2O Forum also had an opportunity to speak. Their speech highlighted the importance of integrating youth in the water sector.  Top in the discussions were issues of Power cuts, job retrenchments and reductions in the production industry as challenges resulting from low rainfall. It was noted that all these problems are largely connected to water, and one of the ways of addressing these problems is involving youth in the management of water and sanitation issues as their involvement will touch a big portion of the The Youth H2O Forum was established during the SADC Water Week held in Zambia in 2015.

The commemorations in Lusaka were held on 22 March, 2016. There were a number of activities such as cleaning up service at Mtendere Clinic Maternity ward, and the surrounding. Youth H2O Forum has engaged with key stakeholders such as WaterAid in advocating for better water resource management in Zambia.