Eswatini kick-starts water-related climate finance initiative: A step toward climate resilience

In a bid to bolster climate resilience and address the growing impacts of climate change on water resources, the Government of Eswatini has initiated the development of three water-related concept notes. Collaborating with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy, the Department of Water Affairs, and the Ministry of Tourism and Environmental Affairs, Eswatini is set to receive technical support from the Global Water Partnership Southern Africa Partnership.

National stakeholders convened on 2 November 2023, in Mbabane to kickstart the ideation of projects aimed at securing climate finance for water-related initiatives. Despite having a limited portfolio of climate finance projects in the water sector, Eswatini has identified three key areas for potential development: the Water-Energy-Food Nexus, Integrated Water Resources Management, and Water, Sanitation, and Health (WASH).


Ms. Duduzile Nhlengethwa-Masina making her remarks

Ms. Duduzile Nhlengethwa-Masina, Director of Eswatini Meteorological Services, officially launched the initiative, emphasizing the need to overcome institutional and technical challenges hindering the prioritization and development of high-quality water projects eligible for climate finance support.


Mr. Makhosini Khoza concurred with Ms. Nhlengethwa-Masina

Mr. Makhosini Khoza, Director under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy, echoed this sentiment, urging stakeholders to contribute project ideas that align with Eswatini's climate change priorities and can attract funding.
Highlighting the importance of aligning project concepts with national priorities, Mr. Khoza remarked, "It is very critical that the development of these concept notes matches the country’s priorities with regards to climate change and outline the adaptation needs and the types of climate vulnerabilities that Eswatini is currently experiencing."


Mr. Rene Schieritz, GWP Programmes Specialist, discussing the objectives of the meeting

Rene Schieritz, Programme Specialist from the Global Water Partnership, outlined the meeting's goal of showcasing the prioritization process and selection criteria for project concepts. He stressed the procedure's role in leveraging climate funds for Eswatini's water-related projects, noting that the programs aim to alleviate severe climate change impacts on the country's water cycle, ultimately benefiting vulnerable communities.


Kevin Emslie, Senior Consultant at Qavah Earth

Kevin Emslie, Senior Consultant at Qavah Earth, detailed the tasks ahead, including the development of three concept notes for submission to the Green Climate Fund (GCF). These notes will cover thematic areas such as WASH and the Water-Energy-Food Nexus. Emslie highlighted the importance of pre-feasibility studies, engagement with prospective GCF accredited entities, and extensive stakeholder consultations, including environmental and social risk assessments and gender analyses.

Qavah Earth Consultants

The inception mission, conducted from October 31 to November 3, marked the first step in ranking project ideas and creating Concept Notes. This mission is part of a broader strategy involving four in-country visits to Eswatini. Two additional Concept Note consultation meetings are scheduled to refine project interventions, engage local stakeholders, and ensure the feasibility of proposed initiatives. Eswatini's proactive approach signifies a significant stride toward building climate resilience and sustainable water management.