GWP kicks off strategy development process during Regional Days - Budapest

The Global Water Partnership held its Regional Days 2018 - its annual gathering of the Global and Regional Secretariats staff and Chairs (13 Regional Water Partnerships) - in Budapest, Hungary, from 22-25 May 2018.

This year, it was decided to hold a two days’ strategy session as part of a broader process to discuss, deliberate and decide about strategic options for GWP. This strategy development process has already begun in late 2017 with various information and fact gathering activities and is set to conclude in mid-2019 with decisions taken by the GWP Network Meeting and other GWP governance bodies.

The first day focused on the particular strategic context that GWP is presented with today. Whereas the first day was about immersing participants in the situation ‘today’, the second day focused more on a ‘future outlook’. Both transformative and adjustment strategic options were generated and discussed, to be considered during the strategy development process, as possible parts of a pathway ahead. Participants also expressed their preferences as to the nature of the strategy development process, their involvement and an initial sense of priority amongst the various strategic options.

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