Raising awareness on climate challenges and response strategies in Zambia

Global Water Partnership Southern Africa in May organized and facilitated the National workshop on Integrating Agriculture in National Adaptation Plans (NAP-Ag) in Zambia to raise awareness about climate challenges and response strategies of the country and understanding the process of planning NAP both overall and in the agriculture sector.

The workshop brought together key stakeholders such as the Ministries for National Development Planning, Land and Natural Resources, Agriculture, Finance. The UNFCCC Focal Point and members of the National Climate Change Technical Committee also participated in the workshop. Main stakeholders that are believed to have contribution in the NAP-Ag planning process participated during the second and third days of the workshop. 
The workshop identified key barriers/challenges and activities that need to be considered in planning the agriculture sectoral NAP. It also agreed on the overall framework of NAP-Ag for Zambia, and the next steps for finalizing the roadmap. The overall approach is to consider Zambia’s NAP-Ag as part of the overall NAP process of the country. The Zambia NAP-Ag process started in July 2016 through organizing Zambia’s NAP-Ag Inception Workshop. The initiative is supporting Zambia in defining a roadmap for developing a National Adaptation Plan for the agriculture sector. UNDP, FAO and GWP SA are collaborating in further advancing the process of NAP-Ag in Zambia within the framework of the overall NAP process of the country.