5 Experts for GWPSA Regional Technical Committee (RTEC)

Deadline extended to 20 October 2017. Apply now!

GWPSA experts to join the Regional Technical Committee (RTEC) for a 3 years fixed term. 

The Regional Technical Committee will provide technical leadership and support the GWPSA secretariat in implementing the GWPSA work programme focused on water security, industrialization, Job creation and climate resilient development in the region.  The 5 RTEC members will work alongside the GWP Reference Group of experts that provides technical support to the GWP Africa Coordination Unit hosted by GWPSA secretariat.  GWPSA seeks 5 experts in the following areas:

  • Transboundary water management Expert: to provide expertise water governance, investments strategy development, gender, capacity development knowledge management for shared River Basins
  •  Water-Food-Energy Nexus Expert: -to provide in project preparation for Nexus investments
  • Climate finance Expert: -to provide expertise in mobilizing climate finance, preparation of funding proposals for the Green Climate Fund, Global Environmental facility and others
  • Urban Water Management Expert- to provideexpertise in integrated urban water management, water and sanitation services provision, design of feasibility studies and investment plans for water and sanitation
  •  Chief Economistto provide intellectual leadership and economics related inputs to the GWPSA regional programme on water infrastructure, Job creation and SDG investments

 GWPSA RTEC positions are not full time positions with GWPSA. RTEC members are called upon to undertake special assignments for GWPSA when necessary and in line with budget. The RTEC members will provide support to ongoing GWP programmes in Transboundary water governance, Nexus, IUWM, climate and Climate Change adaptation.

 The GWPSA RTEC is an official and integral governance structure of GWPSA, RTEC members are not consultants to GWPSA but technical partners involved both as individuals and as a ‘RTEC group’ in the core strategy development, technical oversight and to support the implementation of the GWPSA programme.

 To apply, please draft a personal letter of motivation to the GWPSA Steering Committee as to why you believe you can add technical value to the Regional Partnership and submit a 5 page CV clearly indicating your qualifications, skills and experience in the respective areas above. Please note only short-listed candidates will be contacted. Thereafter GWPSA Steering Committee will select a candidate at the next SC meeting on 24 October 2017 and announce the new RTEC members. (through Secretariat communications). 

Note: Expression of Interest (EOI) should be sent to the GWPSA Finance and Administration manager, Tendai Gandanzara at t.gandanzara@cgiar.org by email and should reach GWPSA by Friday 20 October 2017.