Become a GWPSA Partner

Becoming a GWPSA Partner is open to any entity- except individuals- involved with or having an impact on water issues, related to the sustainable development, management and use of water resources.

These entities typically include States, national, regional and local Government Institutions, Intergovernmental Organizations, international and national Non-governmental Organizations, Academic Institutions and Research Institutions, Companies, service providers in the public sector, or any such entity which recognizes the principles of integrated water resources management endorsed by the Network and is committed to these principles (as outlined in the application to be a Partner).

Institutions who are willing to become a partner need be based in the SADC region or working actively and regularly on water issues in the SADC region even if their headquarters are outside the region.

All of the Partners of our Network need to be committed to:

  • Co-ordinating its relevant activities with those of other concerned organizations;
  • Sharing both information and experience freely with the other Partners;
  • Giving advice and professional contributions to the Network, the Organization and to other Partners, on such conditions as may be agreed free of charge up to a reasonable level and at a mutually agreed charge above that level.

The Benefits of becoming a Partner

Becoming a partner of the GWPSA Network is a highly valued position provided by benefits that enable all our partners to:

  • establish contacts with other Partners of our wide channel
  • provide guidance on identifying critical needs;
  • have an opportunity to match one Partner's needs with another Partner's resources;
  • have an opportunity to contribute to the development of the concept of integrated water resources management.

To apply, please select the 'Apply Now' in the navigation bar on the left, or, click here. 

For more information, please feel free to contact