Ali Mohamed Ibrahim

President of the National Platform for Young Entrepreneurs in Comoros islands, also, Project Manager of Agri-Preneur Young Comorian Project. This project aims to raise awareness, train young people and Comorian women in agricultural entrepreneurship.

Master II in Business Management and Administration, at Comorian University Institute in 2008, certify in Entrepreneurship and Business Development at UNISA (University of South Africa in 2016.

He is a professional and technical training in international relations on the techniques of negotiation of economic affairs (international trade, public relations, marketing and communication at the University of Tanzania Dar es Salam in 2011.

Certified as a trainer in entrepreneurship and business development of small and medium-sized enterprises, by the International Labor Office, followed by the United States Program which aims to train young leaders in Africa YALI RLC SA (Young African Regional Leadership Initiative) Leadership Center South Africa).

Trained by the OIF International Organization of the Francophone in the framework of Financing Companies and Cultural Projects in Mauritius.

He has shown a long experience in structuring and developing community associations on the national platform of the Comoros Islands. He was the national secretary of the UJDC (Union of Youth for the Development of the Comoros from 2004 to 2007. responsible of international relations of CLUB RFI in Kenya Nairobi. Founder of the Network of Young Entrepreneurs in the Comoros since 2013.

Ali Mohamed Ibrahim is the recruitments and selection manager of YALI Alumni Chapter of the Young African Leadership Initiative Regional Leadership Centre South Africa Comoros and communication officer of YALI Alumni Comoros.

He is certified in Public relations issues and international cooperation and socio-economic development are these strong points. Looking at his professional background, his creative and management skills.

Ali Mohamed Ibrahim created his own company on behalf of (Invest Business Consulting Comoros) a consulting box for investment, entrepreneurship training, business plan development and project studies ..., despite these responsibilities, the development of community projects and international relations remain these daily concerns for a win-win policy.

In view of the lack of development of agricultural projects and enterprises in Comoros, the National Platform for Youth Entrepreneurship decided to undertake the Agri-Preneur project for Young Comorians to encourage young people and women to undertake in agriculture and develop the sectors to Comoros.