Ntsiuoa Evelyn Phakisa

Ntsiuoa Evelyn Phakisa is from the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho. She is a very motivated and self-driven person, always willing to learn new things. She is competent on use of statistical techniques and hydrological data analysis as well as softwares, models and data management systems. Her other skills include usage of GIS and hydrometric data management. She studied Mathematics and Statistics at National University of Lesotho (NUL) and Hydrology and Water Resources at UNESCO-IHE, Netherlands.

Currently, she is working at the Department of Water Affairs, Lesotho, as an Assistant Hydrologist. Her job responsibilities include: 

• Assessment of surface water resources Lesotho
• Management and analysis hydrological data
• Management of MESA system at Department of Water Affairs (DWA)