Regional documentation

The following are regional publications to be downloaded free of charge.

Eleven case Studies

Partnership action for water security and climate resilience of populations and ecosystems in West Africa   French


Benin_Root Cause Analysis of gender inequality_Report_French

Benin_Stakeholders' Workshop_Country Programme Formulation_Report_French

Benin_WACDEP-G Inception Workshop_Report_French

Integrated Flood Management Needs Assessment in the Volta Basin

  1. Bénin: Rapport d'évaluation des besoins de gestion intégrée des Crues  

  2. Burkina Faso: Rapport d'évaluation des besoins de gestion intégére des crues
  3. Togo: Rapport d'évaluation des besoins de gestion intégére des crues
  4. Ghana: Integrated flood management needs assessment report

Policy & Technical Briefs

1. Policy Brief  n°1: Dialogue on the joint management of ground water resources in West Africa:  EnglishFrançais -
2. Policy Brief n°2: Knowledge on ground water resources, a prerequisite for a sound planning and development in West Africa: English Français

3. Policy brief n°3: Strengthening political, institutional and legal frameworks for groundwater, a compelling need to prevent conflicts in West Africa  English - Français

4. Technical brief: Knowledge on groundwater resources' quality, quantity and dynamics in West Africa  English  Français


Annual Reports

Annual report 2022  French  -  English  ;  French (light)  English (light)

Annual report 2019 English    French

Annual report GWP-WA - in here French


Water Governance in West Africa

1. Study on governance in Benin (French)

2. Study on governance in Burkina (French)

3. Study on governance in Ghana

4. Study on governance in Niger (French)

5. Regional synthesis on governance in 4 countries

Documenting the IWRM processes

1. IWRM Process in Burkina Faso:     Français - English

2. IWRM Process in Bénin:                Français - English

3. IWRM Process in Mali:                    Français - English

4. IWRM Process in Sénégal:               Français - English

5. Regional synthesis (Mali and Senegal): Français - English

6. Assessing the IWRM process in West Africa : Français - English

Autres études / Other studies

1. Rapport sur l'Activation du réseau de professionnels «cours GIRE ITP»: French doc1      Doc2


Water Cooperation

Water: catalyst for cooperation:


Dialogue sur les eaux souterraines

1. Note d'orientation Technique: Etat de la connaissance sur les RE souterraines en AO

2. Note d'orientation Politique n°1: dialogue conjoint sur les RE souterraines


 Climate Change

National Adaptation Plan (NAP) to Climate Change of Burkina Faso adopted by the Cabinet in September 2015


Outputs of training in the six Volta basin countries

Manuel de formation

Rapport général de mise en oeuvre des ateliers

Rapport de la formation en Côte d'Ivoire

Rapport de la formation au Togo

Rapport de la formation au Bénin

Rapport de la formation au Burkina Faso

Rapport de la formation au Mali

Training report for Ghana (English)

Consolidated Plan to support ecosystem management in the Volta Basin by 2021