22nd Regional Council Meeting of GWP SAS and Regional Workshop on Rapid Country Level Analysis in Kathmandu, Nepal – 28 to 30 September 2016

The 22nd Regional Council (RC) Meeting of Global Water Partnership South Asia (GWP SAS) and the Regional Workshop on Rapid Country Level Analysis were held back-to-back from 29-30 September and on 28 September 2016 respectively in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Discussions on GWP SAS Progress 2016, 2016 Financial Report and Financial Status in 2016, the fund raising strategy for 2017, retirement of RC members and new appointments were held and during the meeting. It was decided to hold the 23rd Regional Council meeting in Bangladesh.

Rudolph Cleveringa, Executive Secretary and Susanne Andre, Human Resources and Legal Officer, GWPO attended the meeting as special guests. RC members representing each Country Water Partnership (CWP) - Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka; CWP Chairpersons, Regional Chair, Regional Coordinator and Senior Network Officer for Mediterranean, China and South Asia participated the meeting as participants. The Country Coordinators of CWPs, Programme Manager of Water and Climate Resilient Programme (WACREP), Gender Focal Point GWP SAS also attended the meeting as observers.

The Regional Workshop on Rapid Country Level Analysis was held on the 28 September. On the day, the consolidation of country reports was held by means of a workshop and discussions, which was led by Bangladesh Water Partnership (BWP). The Final Report on 'Summary of Rapid Analysis of CWPs under GWP-SAS was submitted to GWPO in December 2016.