Our Mission and Vision

Our Vision   

“A water-secure South Asia”               

Availability of water of acceptable quantity and quality for all beneficial uses, and increased capacity and ability of countries and communities to adapt to climatic variability in the South Asia region.

Our Mission

Promote water security and climate resilience in South Asia as a key part of sustainable regional and national development for economic growth and human security keeping IWRM intact.

Major water challenges in the South Asia region can be prioritised as;

  • Climate change adaptation in water and agriculture sectors
  • Water related disaster coping and disaster preparedness
  • Water management agricultural productivity and food security
  • Trans-boundary water issues
  • Over exploitation of ground water and ground water depletion and ground water quality
  • Rapid urbanisation, water supply (drinking water), sanitation and wastewater management
  • Energy security and its impacts on water and food security, hydropower development and river degradation
  • Inadequate capacity at the field/grass root level to address water challenges
  • Rain water harvesting - inadequate storage and maintain the quality of the harvested water
  • Inadequate use of information technology/media in the water sector