In 2012, UN estimated that children and youth account for 43 percent of the world’s population. Asia is home to 738 million youth, which is 61 percent of the world’s youth. Two third of youth in developing countries are not employed with work, not studying, or engaged in irregular/informal employment. It is evident that unemployment is affecting young women more than young men in almost all regions of the world. These figures highlight an unutilised resources which represents almost the half of the total world population and having capable in playing an important role in transforming societies.

Although ‘Youth is our future’ is a commonly used phrase, recognising the contributions that youth can and already made to facilitate the inter-generational exchange that lies at the heart of sustainable development is a challenge. Therefore, GWP developed the Global Youth Programme in line with GWP’s Global Youth Engagement Strategy launched in 2015 and as part of GWP Strategy Towards 2020, in order to take concrete steps for supporting youth-led water projects, their development and implementation.