Learning Deltas Asia Initiative (LDAI)

Global climate is changing at an unprecedented rate and necessity of global political awareness that decisive action addressing climate change has risen over the last decades, but has often not translated into adaptation action. Especially the populations of global river deltas and coastal zones are vulnerable to the impacts of climate change occurring due to rising sea levels, increased magnitude and frequency of storms, flooding and salinisation. One of the main challenges faced by global institutions are to share gained knowledge, experience and expertise about adaptation in order to provide and implement the best possible adaptation measures to ensure human well-being.

In this context, the Global Water Partnership (GWP) initiated the Learning Deltas Asia Initiative (LDAI) under the political auspices of and in operational cooperation with parties of the Delta Coalition. The programme commenced on June 2017 with a Scoping Phase (Phase I) to assess and understand on the challenges and opportunities in knowledge aspects prevailing in its participating countries, namely Bangladesh and Myanmar. Scoping phase lasted for six months clearing the way to carry on south-south learning agenda and expanding to other Deltaic countries.  

Aim of LDAI is south-south cooperation and knowledge exchange on adaptation to climate change in urban Deltas.

Overall objective of LDAI is to enhance the capacities of stakeholders and institutions and ensure higher levels of impact and sustainability on its initiatives - allowing scaling up the resilience of urban deltas and to help them adapt to climate change.

During Phase II, a thorough knowledge exchange mechanism between key Asian deltas is expected to be established which will,

  • Built knowledge base to facilitate knowledge exchange on five key learning areas related to management of Asian Deltas
  • Foster cooperation to develop joint solutions for increased water security and climate resilience in Asian deltas
  • Strengthen the capabilities of local institutions to enhance targeted outreach, impact and sustainability of Multilateral Development Banks (MDB)/Climate Fund co-financed projects and to improve the quality of project pipeline proposals

LDAI Phase II is to be established with inputs of all partners in participating countries, headed by a project steering committee, which will be the management body for ground level activities. The role of GWP South Asia (GWP SAS) is to coordinate and implement the LDAI Programme under the guidance of GWPO and logistical support of GWP South East Asia (GWP SEA). Cap-Net UNDP is ready to team up for developing, delivering and managing knowledge products for capacity development.