Bhutan Water Partnership accredited as a Country Water Partnership

Bhutan Water Partnership (BhWP) accredited as a Country Water Partnership (CWP), where the CWP has granted the responsibility for coordinating the action of GWP in Bhutan.

The accreditation was granted by the Executive Secretary, Global Water Partnership (GWP) with a letter dated 15 December 2017 addressed to the Chair, BhWP. While congratulating and commending the valuable participation of BhWP in establishing and operating the entity since its inception, the Executive Secretary thanked the BhWP Network Partners for their constructive work, their willingness to get organsied and to coordinate their efforts through the creation of this common platform for vital water issues.

This achievement is a matter of significant importance to BhWP. From this day onwards, BhWP will be considered as a fully-fledged CWP which will consistently support the expansion of the GWP Network with the close integration of GWP South Asia.


Consistency and coherence throughout the worldwide GWP Network, as well as sound governance, is fundamental in order to safeguard GWP’s name and maintain its high reputation and credibility as a Network and Organisation. In light of this purpose, GWPO, as the custodian of the GWP name and logo, has established the Conditions of Accreditation for CWPs. They provide an explanation of the set of minimum standard a CWP needs to fulfil in order to be able to use the GWP name and logo. Additionally, the main purpose of creating a CWP is to bring Partners and Stakeholders together who have common concerns within a national context, to support the fulfilment of GWP’s mission.