Satellite based early-warning system to bolster drought risk reduction

Experts meet in Delhi to discuss how South Asian countries could adopt the new drought monitoring system to better prepare and mitigate drought risks

Experts from South Asian countries including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka participated in the workshop and discussed ways of using satellite remote sensing data and ICT for drought monitoring, and develop mitigation strategies in South Asia. “Droughts have the ability to adversely affect the economic well-being of a region. However, the risk posed by it could be reduced by taking preventive action in time. The SADMS is a comprehensive early-warning drought monitoring system to provide information in easy-to-understand maps, which pinpoint locations under distress and provide regional to district scale information about drought's effect on agriculture. The online portal would further help us make valuable information available to larger audience in a timely manner. We welcome feedback and opinion on how to co-develop and strengthen the SADMS”. Said Dr Giriraj Amarnath, Project Lead and Sub-Theme Leader: Water-related Disaster Risk Management (WDRM) at IWMI.