A “Financial Fitness” workshop for GWP South Asia

An intensive 3-day Finance Officers’ Training for South Asia lead by Salman Riaz, Finance Officer from GWPO Finance Team took place in Colombo, Sri Lanka on 4-6 September 2018. The training was with full of sharing, learning, networking, team and capacity building.

This training was dedicated to the Finance Officers of South Asia Region, attended by the six South Asian CWPs – Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka and Finance Officers of Regional Office. All have participated the training with great interaction and passion of learning. The agenda of the training was decided based on the requests raised by the Finance Officers consisted of strengthening internal control, improving operational capacities, streamlining, adhering and simplifying the financial guidelines and most importantly on improving relationships and interaction between country, regional and global financial team. The training was conducted using plenaries, presentations, discussions and group exercisers.

“This was a very timely initiative made by the GWPO as this is the time GWP does programme and financial planning for 2019, developing a new GWP Strategy and processing quarterly and annual financial reporting” was the impression given by the participants. They have further confirmed this statement during the workshop evaluation. Almost all the participants stated that they are satisfied with the relevance of the training and the content, which would ultimately benefitted to improve their daily work. The teaching methods used at the training was appreciated as they helped better learning. Participants confirmed the issues discussed were according to their interest. They finally have recommended GWPO to organise similar trainings in other regions.