Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) Trainings of GWP Sri Lanka

To date more than 80 CCA Training Programmes were held with more than 3,450 participants out of which 2,275 were Farmer Leaders and farmers.

After having several dialogues at national and local level GWP Sri Lanka had realised that while adequate knowledge  and  information  on  Climate Change (CC) and Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) are available  at  the  central level and might not have even reached to local  and grassroots  level. Lack of knowledge materials in local languages was a significant drawback and most of the information were available through media.

With this as the backdrop, GWP Sri Lanka stepped in to raise awareness on CC and CCA among agriculture sector, which is considered as the most vulnerable to impacts of CC, the knowledge products supplemented the trainings. The materials were developed in collaboration with the Research Institutions of the Department of Agriculture, i.e. Field Crop Research and Development Institute, the  Rice  Research  and  Development  Institute the  Oil  Crops  and Legumes  Research  Institute. Initially the CCA  knowledge  products  on  Paddy,  Other  Field  Crops, Rainwater Harvesting for Agriculture, Home Gardening and New Technological Options were developed in Sinhala. The Tamil versions became available only from 2017 onwards while the trainings in Tamil speaking areas (Mannar, Trincomalee, Killinochchi and Jaffna) were began from 2018. All SLWP knowledge products and information materials are being made available for free.

Agency staff,  farmer  leaders  and  farmers  have  been  selectively  addressed  under  these  CCA  programmes  and  special awareness  and  training  programmes  have  been  held  for  agency  staff  and  farmer  leaders  at  the  respective research  institutions.  Special  Training  of  Trainers  (ToT)  Programmes  have  been  held  to  expand  the  human resource capability on CCA. Resource Persons are drawn from the respective agencies, universities and research institutes as appropriate. The attached map is indicative of the depth and spread of the CCA programme and to date  over  80  programmes  have  been  held with the particpation of more than 3,450 of  which 2,275 were Famer Leaders and Farmers. While issues of drinking water are subsumed under these CCA programmes, 28 separate training programmes were held  on Drinking Water targeting Community based Organisations and Schools. 

(Content was extracted from GWP Sri Lanka website)