A new Interim Chair for GWP SAS; Mr Sardar Muhhamad Tariq

The Regional Council of GWP SAS nominated the Executive Director/CEO of GWP Pakistan/Pakistan Water Partnership (PWP), Mr Sardar Muhammad Tariq as the new Regional Chair (Interim), starting from 15 January 2024 through the end of the year.

Mr Tariq born in 1939, has over 53 years’ experience of planning, design, tendering and construction management of water resources and hydropower development projects in Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. He was the Chairman of South Asia Technical Advisory Committee and one of the former Regional Chairs of GWP SAS from 2010-2012.

He has extensive experience in project development and operations and worked in the fields of integrated water resources management (IWRM), water resources planning, review of environmental sustainability, water supply schemes, review of Indus basin management model, climate change and global warming and drought and flood mitigation. He also led several well-participated grassroots consultations in water management, equitable use of canal water, gender mainstreaming, community development and coping with health hazards due to water bodies pollution and groundwater contamination.

Mr Tariq served in different capacities in various projects and some of them includes the Team Leader for multipurpose water resources development project funded by the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, the Government of Saudi Arabia and Department for International Development (DFID) currently known as the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO). He rendered his services to review of policy documents such as National Water Policy of Pakistan and Resettlement Policy. He is also one of the authors of the National Water Vision 2025 pertaining to water resources and hydropower development of Pakistan. He wrote the water chapter of the Fifteenth Five Year Development Plan of Pakistan. He headed the water wing of Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) and was responsible for unified planning and development of water resources and hydropower of Pakistan in addition to loan agreements with international donor agencies.

Mr Tariq was awarded with “Pride of Performance Award” for successful treatment of over 450 sink holes under 400 feet of water at Tarbela Upstream Blanket, a state-of-the-art intervention for the first time in the world.

Please join us in welcoming Mr Sardar Muhhamad Tariq as the new Chair of GWP SAS. He officially assumed the role on 15 January, and we look forward to working together to achieve great success.