Newslines and Briefing Notes

Read the Newslines and Briefing Notes for an in-depth look into the activities of GWP South Asia and its Country Water Partnerships




Business Model:  Effective Community – Public Partnership  Outreach by SLWP

Water and Health: Technological support to Desert Communities  in Tharparkar, Pakistan Training of Trainers (TOT) on Traditional Soap Making

Fresh Training Tools for Climate Change Adaptation in Sri Lanka

Adaptation to climate change goes local - GWP Nepal Helps to Bridge the Gap of Central Planning and Local Priorities

Understanding Farmers’ Adaptation to Water Scarcity: A Case Study from the Wainganga Basin, Maharashtra, India

Farmers’ Field School: A School without Walls

Providing Solutions for Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation through IWRM Approach

Drinking Water Security: Distribution and Demonstration of Assembling Bio-Sand Water Filters to the Communities in Cholistan, Pakistan  

Bajo Irrigation Channel Siphon Project-Bhutan

Fact Finding Mission and Drought Master Planning Appraisal Mission Tharparkar Drought, Pakistan 16 to 21 April 2014

India Water Week 2013

Management of urban floods in Dhaka city

Improving the quality of Biratnagar Water Supply through stakeholder consultation

Process planning for preparation of Integrated Water Resources Development and management plan (IWRD & MP) in Wainganga Sub basin, Maharashtra

Parimal Area Water Partnership; promotion of IWRM by capacity building of farmers and water user groups

Nara Canal Area Water Partnership; poverty reduction through IWRM and participatory management of natural resources

Nepal's Local Water Parliament; Institutional innovation by Nepal Water Partnership to promote IWRM

Effective governance as means to reducing corruption in River Sand Mining

Briefing Notes

Striving for poverty reducution, IWRM and good governance

Meeting water challenges through partnerships

Promoting livelihoods and influencing policies through Area Water Partnerships in South Asia

Policy brief

Coping with the increased intensities of floods and droughts in South Asia: The way forward