Footprints of GWP South Asia: 20th Anniversary Celebration

GWP South Asia is passing its 20th Year milestone in 2022. This is high time to honour the founders of our network as the strong foundation they have laid out was stable enough to develop this strong network now with six Country Water Partnerships and more than 400 institutional partners. Therefore, we have decided to bring their voices together on this page as a gratitude to the people who have reshaped policies and water decisions in their countries and spent their energy shed their sweat to ensure a "Water Secure South Asia".

Interview: Dr Khalid Motadullah

“Footprints of GWP South Asia: from Dr Khalid Motadullah’s eyes”

Interview: Mr Nanda Abeywickrama

“Footprints of GWP South Asia: from Mr Nanda Abeywickrama’s eyes” – a Founder Member of GWP- SASTAC

Interview: Mr Sadar Tariq

“Footprints of GWP South Asia: on Mr Sadar Tariq’s eyes” 

Interview: Dr Lam Dorji

“Footprints of GWP South Asia: from Dr Lam Dorji’s eyes” - the youngest Chair of GWP South Asia

Interview: Dr Reba Paul

“Footprints of GWP South Asia: on Dr Reba Paul’s eyes”- the youngest employee joined at the time of inception of the GWP South Asia Regional Water Partnership

Interview: Dr Madhav Chitale

“Footprints of GWP South Asia: from Dr Madhav Chitale’s eyes” the man who made India see water as a 'resource'!


Late Engr. Quamrul Islam Siddique

“Footprints of GWP South Asia: reminding late Engr. Quamrul Islam Siddique

Interveiw: Kusum Athukorala

“Footprints of GWP South Asia: on Ms Kusum Athukorala's eyes”

Interveiw: Mr Som Nath Poudel

“Footprints of GWP South Asia: on Mr Som Nath Poudel’s eyes”