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GWP-Chad partners validate its statutory documents

The constitution and by-laws of the Chad Country Water Partnership (GWP-Chad) were validated during the second general assembly of partners of the CWP, held in N’Djamena on October 11th, 2021.
/ Global

Enhancing Multi-Stakeholder Processes for SDG 6 – New Publication

As the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many meetings, workshops, and consultations suddenly went online. In many parts of the world, in-person meetings were impossible for a long time, and only now are slowly resuming. In other parts, hybrid meetings with online presence and in-person participation are becoming the new norm. Each of these formats comes with its pros and cons. In-person meetings allow for broader and deeper discussions, while online meetings are logistically easier to manage and make it easier for more participants to join. A new publication analyzes the impact that different formats can have on the quality of the interaction in the context of multi-stakeholder consultations.
/ Mediterranean

New blueprint for climate-resilient, participatory Water-Energy-Food Nexus solutions being developed by H2020 REXUS Project

GWP-Med is leading the communication and dissemination component in this new H2020 project which aims to close the gap between science and policy in natural resources management. The REXUS project is bringing the Water-Energy-Food Nexus concept to an operational level as a tool for analysis, planning and decision-making, through an innovative integrated approach applied in 5 pilot sites across Europe and Latin America.
/ Mediterranean

Dynamic presence of GWP-Med at the 9th session of the meeting of the Parties to the UN Water Convention events

The 9th session of the meeting of the Parties to the UN Water Convention was organized from 29 September to 1 October 2021. On this occasion, GWP-Med had the opportunity to present the breath of its work on transboundary water management, the water-energy-food-ecosystems Nexus approach as well as the role of women in promoting transboundary water cooperation, during the MOP9 meeting and in several side events.
/ Mediterranean

GEMWET: An ambitious project with tangible benefits for green youth employment and smart agriculture in the community of Ghar El Melh, Tunisia

The application of the Water Energy Food Ecosystems Nexus approach to farming plots and the development of green business ideas of local youth from Ghar El Melh led to impressive results: water usage for irrigation was cut by 44%, crop productivity increased by 66%, while 4 new green startups launched their services successfully.