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/ Central Africa

GWP Cameroon brings to light gender-specific impacts of fluorosis

Following on GWP’s engagement for gender equality, GWP Cameroon has carried out a study on gender-related impacts of fluorosis in northern Cameroon. The report, which is due to be published shortly, shows that impacts are significantly worse for girls and women and that gender-sensitive responses are needed. The report was discussed and validated at a workshop on 24 May in Maroua, Cameroon, by key institutional actors, development partners, and civil society groups.
/ Southern Africa

HELP-GWP consultation on Draft Principles on Investment and Financing for Water-related Disaster Risk Reduction

Upon the request of the High-level Experts and Leaders Panel on Water and Disasters (HELP) and with finding from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) of Japan and the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) Japan, Global Water Partnership (GWP) organised a consultation on the proposed HELP Principles of Investments and Financing for water-related disaster risk reduction in the Southern African region.
/ China

Junior Water Award for the International Children's Day

Before the International Children’s Day (June 1st), 15 teams of 13-19-year-old young people convened in Nanjing of Jiangsu Province to share their inventions with experts and the public and to realize their innovative solutions to improve water and environment in and around their schools at the Junior Water Prize (JWP) Final.