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SDG 6 Support Programme: Stakeholders in Cameroon test the Gender Checklist

How can GWP support governments to better integrate gender into their IWRM plans and policies to improve country score on SDG 6.5.1? In response to this, GWP-Central Africa organized a multi-stakeholder consultation in Mbalmayo, Cameroon on February 22nd to test the gender checklist developed by the Global Water Partnership (GWPO) under its SDG 6 IWRM Support Programme.
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Global Water Leadership - Root Cause Analysis in the Central African Republic, Malawi, and Tanzania

The Global Water Leadership in a Changing Climate programme (GWL) has held multi-stakeholder consultations in seven countries identifying the most critical barriers to climate-resilient water management. Working groups have now been formed to investigate these barriers and develop responses, beginning with a ‘root cause analysis’. Updates from three countries follow.
/ Central Africa

WACDEP-G Cameroon: Stakeholders identify gender entry points in the water and climate sector

Thirty-five stakeholders from state institutions, civil society organizations, parastatals, Research institutions and the private sector identified processes, actors, and information systems involved in the development of policies, laws, and projects at the national and local levels in the water and climate sector which can serve as entry points for gender.
/ West Africa

CWP Benin renews its establishment agreement in the country

The Minister of Justice and Legislation, Keeper of the Seals, proceeded to the signing ceremony and the official handing over of the framework agreement protocols with the Country Water Partnership (CWP) of Benin and 18 other structures on Thursday 19 January 2023.
/ West Africa

GWP-WA Extraordinary meeting of the SC held

The extraordinary meeting of the members of the Steering Committee (SC) of Global Water Partnership West Africa (GWP-WA) held on Thursday, February 9, 2023.
/ West Africa

TFTC 2, CWP Burkina trains on associative life

46 participants, including 38 women from 8 associations, including Kolweogo, took part in training session on associative life, management and the proper keeping of accounting documents in Komki Ipala, in the greater Ouagadougou area.
/ West Africa

Mekrou Project enables 25 women to make market gardening in Belandè, Niger

As part of the implementation of the pilot initiatives of the Water Development and Management Plan (SAGE) of the Niger portion of Mékrou, the Mekrou phase 2 Niger project financed by the European Union has rehabilitated the Belandè multi-village mini drinking water supply system with an extension of the standpipes.