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GWP-Med during the World Water Week 2018 – Session on the benefits for ecosystems and wetlands through the Nexus

The World Water Week, held every year in Stockholm, is considered the major global annual event dedicated to water issues. More than 1200 speakers and presenters together with hundreds of participants more, will take part in its almost 300 sessions. The theme of this year’s Week (26-31 August) is “Water, Ecosystems and Human Development”. As in previous years, GWP-Med serves as the overall coordinator for the “MENA Focus” sessions dedicated to water-related issues in the Middle East & North Africa Region.
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Lesotho Reviewing Water Legislation

Lesotho Water Partnership worked with the Ministry of Water Affairs to develop a white paper on Lesotho Water Legislation.
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Call for Offers

CLOSED Preparation of a Methodological Approach for the establishment and sustaining of a Regional Dialogue and Community of Practice on Transboundary Water Resources Management Water Resources Management
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Water Agent

Water Agent V 003 project focuses on the environmental education of pupils in the field of water management.
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8th SADC Multi-stakeholder Water Dialogue - Strengthening sectoral engagement and Nexus approaches

The SADC Multi-Stakeholder Water Dialogue is an event organised by the SADC Directorate of Infrastructure and Services, Water Division to provide a forum for practitioners in the region to have a dialogue with water using and water influencing sectors. The underlying objective is to ensure that the interventions in the water sector are well communicated to the non-water sector actors and also create an environment to receive inputs from them. Dr. Ken Msibi explains the objectives of the 8th SADC Multi-Stakeholder Water Dialogue.