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/ Southern Africa

Capacity development key to producing quality data for decision making

There is a decline in the capacity of institutions within the SADC region to produce data for decision making and negotiations. It is, therefore, imperative to develop institutions’ data management capacities as a means of improving the adequacy, quality, and quality of data for decision making in transboundary water management.
/ China

GWP Vice Chair Tells Water Stories on Science TV

October 30, 2022, GWP China vice Chair, Hao WANG, moderated Science Programme of Beijing TV and told audiences about ‘South-North Water Division’, ‘Sponge City Development’, and their impact on our daily life.
/ Central Africa

Youth and Civil Society Organizations in Central Africa trained on the GWP IWRM Toolbox

About eighty representatives of youth and civil society organizations working in the water and climate sector in Congo, Cameroon, Chad, and the Central African Republic have received training on how the GWP IWRM toolbox can improve their involvement in Integrated Water Resources Management processes across the region.
/ Southern Africa

Sharing Lesotho’s ICM experiences at the 23rd WaterNet/WARFSA/GWPSA Symposium

From October 19-21, ReNOKA is joining the policymakers, academics, and water practitioners at the 23rd WaterNet/WARFSA/GWPSA Symposium at Sun City Conference Centre in Rustenburg, South Africa where they will unpack the regional issues and gaps in water management and identify priorities that require further research and support.