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/ West Africa

Benin, continued support for the implementation of the integrity action plans of the Communes

In the framework of the implementation of the activities of the integrity action plans in the Communes, a workshop to strengthen the capacities of communal actors was organized and brought together about forty actors. Participants include water, hygiene and sanitation managers, members of the Drinking Water Consumers' Associations (ACEP), those of the Citizen Participation Unit (CPC), the Heads of Development and Planning Services (C/SDLP), the Heads of Communication Services (C/com) and the Heads of Administration and Finance.
/ West Africa

IWRM for the Hydrological Unit of Assanto in the Commune of Zagnanado

Zangnanado is a rural commune located in the Department of Zou (center of Benin). The implementation of activities of the OmiDelta Governance Component with the establishment of Local Water Committees (LWCs) allowed the identification of two hydrological units in GBADOHOUIN and ASSANTÔ, in the Lower and Middle Ouémé Valley.
/ West Africa

RICC project in Benin, a new film released

CWP Benin has just released a new film on its work aiming at processing invasive aquatic plants, the water jacinth. The CWP is planning to collaborate with a Nigerian entrepeneur that is developing and promoting green energy and biofuel, SMEFUNDS. The aim is the production and marketing of ethanol gel.
/ Central Africa

GWP SAM and GWP-CAf Co-organise a Webinar to introduce the IWRM Toolbox in Sao Tome and Principe

As part of Inter-Regional and South-South Cooperation within the GWP network, Global Water Partnership South America (GWP SAM) in collaboration with Global Water Partnership, Central Africa (GWP-CAf) organized a webinar in Portuguese on November 19, 2020 to introduce the Integrated Water Resource Management – IWRM Toolbox by GWP to partners in Sao Tome and Principe in a bid to find out their IWRM learning needs and preferences.
/ South Asia

GWP South Asia 8th General Assembly

GWP South Asia 8th General Assembly and Partners Forum “Bringing the Change” is scheduled for Monday, 7 December 2020.