GWP mission to Mongolia

On December, 11-13, 2013, in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, the GWP representatives (Ms. Natalia Alexeeva, GWPO Secretariat, and Mr. Vadim Sokolov, GWP CACENA Regional Coordinator) took part in the meetings with Mongolian Water Partnership, their members and partners who expressed interest to join GWP.


During these meetings all  formalities and issues related to Mongolia membership in GWP were discussed and clarified. Moreover the next steps and activities were agreed. Really high interest is expressed from the members of Mongolian Water Partnership to cooperate with GWP globally and under the regional framework, main areas - WWSS and urban issues, economic regulation and financial, groundwater, cooperation with neighboring countries (especially Central Asia, Russia and China).


Mongolia Water Partnership (MWP) was established in spring 2013 in order to consolidate different stakeholders involved into water management – including Parliament, governmental authorities, academic institutions and NGOs. As the country has a growing economy, there is a strong recognition that water sector needs increased capacities to meet existing and future challenges. As GWP is a well-established global actor, advancing and promoting Integrated Water Resources Management approach, MWP decided to join the network and benefit from available knowledge and practical implementation experience.


On December 11 and 12 the members and a Steering Committee of the MWP after reviewing GWP presentations on the operations and activities decided to apply for GWP membership and create a country water partnership on the national level - and to join the CACENA region as the closest in terms of water issues and historical developments. They have also discussed and planned joint activities with GWP in 2014 and beyond. The formal accession processes is expected to be finalized in coming days.


Parliament of Mongolia: meeting with CWP Steering Committee

Meeting with CWP Steering Committee


Vadim's presentation to CWP Mongolia


Natalia and Vadim in Mongolian Style