Media-tour for journalists in UZBEKISTAN

Following the Announcement of photo competition "Ubiquitous Water...",  on 30 July 2013, CWP-Uzbekistan jointly with GWP CACENA Regional Secretariat and the Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan organized the media-tour for journalists.

The journalists from TV, radio, various newspapers and journals, were acquainted with the Verkhne-Chirchiksky waterworks facility at the Chirchik river and with water management activities of ICWC and BWO "Syrdarya" as well a role of GWP CACENA in promoting IWRM principles.


Three presentations were delivered to journalists:

- The role of Interstate Coordination Water Commission (ICWC) in water resources use of transboundary rivers in Central Asia (Vadim Sokolov, Regional Coordinator of GWP CACENA).

- The waterworks facility operation at the Chirchik river and BWO "Syrdarya" activity on water distribution and regulation (Mr. Ulugbek Baratov, Head of the control station, Verkhne-Chirchiksky waterworks facility).

- National Water Partnership Strategy on IWRM development and implementation  and cooperation with mass-media to promote GWP Strategy in the Republic of Uzbekistan (Mr. Mansur Abduraimov, Chairman of CWP-Uzekistan).


Mr. Vadim Sokolov, GWP CACENA Regional Coordinator, also gave a television interview about the Green Growth project that is being implemented jointly with Korea.


The media-tour participants discussed further collaboration and way to raising awareness on rational use and protection of water resources among various sectors of society. They also expressed their willingness to take part in such tours in the future. Total number of participants - 31. 


Information about this event was published by two newspapers:


Following the media-tour two articles were published:

- "Place of water in the Green Growth" (in the newspaper "News of Uzbekistan", in Russian)


- "Modern  approaches of water distribution"  (in the newspaper "Jamiyat", in Uzbek).


The meeting with journalists was featured in the news programs of the National Television of Uzbekistan, and was covered in local broadcast.

Vadim Sokolov about IWRM principles

Ulugbek Baratov explaines how water is being distributed


Vadim Sokolov is telling about ICWC

Interview with Vadim Sokolov

Participants of the media-tour