The Roundtable "Role of Mass media and Public in Water Saving Promotion"

The Roundtable "Role of Mass media and Public in Water Saving Promotion" under initiative by SIC ICWC was held by the Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan jointly with the Embassy of Israel in the Republic of Uzbekistan on 13 November 2013 in the La Grande Plaza Hotel in Tashkent.

The discussion was attended by Israeli Ambassador to the Republic of Uzbekistan Ms. Carmela Shamir, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Central Kengash of Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan Mr. Sanginov S.S., Deputy Director of SIC Ms. Ziganshina D., Regional Coordinator of the GWP CACENA Mr.  Sokolov V.I., Press-Secretary of Israel's Water Agency Mr. Uri Shor, as well as representatives of mass media of Uzbekistan, heads of non-governmental organizations (total: 34 people).

Four reports were presented. Israeli Ambassador Ms. Carmela Shamir spoke about the policy on water conservation at the national level in order to supply the country's population with food,  water supply guaranteed for agriculture, industry and municipal sector of the country. Mr. Sokolov V.I., Regional Coordinator of GWP CACENA, spoke about the aims and objectives of the round table organized by CWP-Uzbekistan. Mr. Sanginov S.S. spoke about the activities of Ecological Movement in the water management sphere.


Mr. Mirzaev N.N., Researcher of SIC ICWC, made a presentation "Approaches and methods of water conservation adopted in Uzbekistan". He presented the ongoing projects on water saving: "Water Use and Management in Agricultural Production", "IWRM-Fergana", "Automation of Canals in the Fergana Valley", "Integrated water resources management and water efficiency in the Zarafshan River Basin" and others. Thanks to numerous projects and measures taken by the Government of Uzbekistan, water withdrawal from water bodies for irrigation was reduced.

Mr. Uri Shor, Press-Secretary of Israel's Water Agency, told about promotion of water saving in the country. He noted that public support  in  water saving has always been important for implementing measures under emergencies.

Israeli water resources agency in this regard has taken measures on raising awareness  so that  to include this activity in the general activity plan as soon as possible and mobilize the community to save water. These measures have led to significant changes in the behavior of Israeli people.

The roundtable participants were actively involved in all discussions. They suggested a number of proposals to enhance the role of mass media in the promotion of water saving among population. Non-governmental organizations proposed to increase the activity of non-governmental organizations to accelerate implementation of resolutions of the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan.