Vision and Mission

The Global Water Partnership-Mediterranean envisions a water secure world. Its mission is to advance integrated water resources management at all levels for sustainable and inclusive growth in Mediterranean countries.

Our goal is to promote action and exchange knowledge on Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) with the aim to help Mediterranean countries to connect water resources planning and operations at different scales (regional, transboundary, national, basin and local), in order to achieve coherence and bring about solutions that contribute to the sustainable use of water resources as means towards sustainable growth. In order to achieve this goal, GWP-Med’s acts as a broker, a catalyst, a facilitator and an advocacy organisation.

In order to achieve these goals, GWP-Med:

  • Facilitates a multi-stakeholder Regional Water Partnership across the Mediterranean basin, bringing together major Mediterranean networks of different water disciplines (government, river basins, local authorities, professionals, NGOs, research institutes, irrigators, etc) and over eighty (85) other competent organisations, institutions and companies of private sector.
  • Seeks and facilitates multi-stakeholder engagement and donors’ support for dialogue and action to promote IWRM at national and regional levels.
  • Makes the principles of sustainable water use and IWRM widely known, recognised and applied by countries and all other stakeholders in the Mediterranean, through appropriate mechanisms of sharing information and experience.
  • Supports exemplary actions at local, national and regional level that demonstrate the value, applicability and positive impact of the above principles.

(Photo:Madeleine Theochari)