The Challenge

Urgency for a Water Secure World


Throughout the planet, a number of issues affecting the availability and state of water resources cause a growing concern. The population is increasing. Pollution is increasing. Development pressures are mounting. However, water supply is not. Water demand by people, agriculture, food production and industry heavily pressurizes the limited water supply of the planet and ecosystems which are also dependent on water.

The Mediterranean, a water scarce region, shares such problems with the rest of the world. Given the increasing pressures of climate change, population growth, increasing urbanization especially in coastal areas, and rising living standards, the demand for water will be further increased in an already fragile region with unequally distributed water resources.

Uneven distribution of fresh water, socio-economic imbalances and poverty, as well as political challenges, increase social instability but also potential conflicts over shared water resources.

Human health issues due to insufficient water treatment and sanitation facilities - in urban and rural areas, and primarily in developing countries, represent another important cause of concern. There is an urgency of immediate action in order to secure the finite water resources. This is the challenge.

Therefore, there is a recognised need for integrated management of our water resources promoting a holistic approach that balances the competing demands for water in various sectors and assists countries in achieving the efficient, equitable and environmentally sustainable use of their water resources, in order to ensure water security.