Climate Change Adaptation

Climate change effects, including more extreme phenomena like droughts and floods, are likely to exacerbate the situation, both in the south and north of the Mediterranean. Adaptation measures will require effective water resources management. Given that several climate-related aspects remain uncertain, ‘no-regret’ actions present a sustainable way for responding to challenges. Furthermore, aiming at adaptation-mitigation co-benefits through interlinking water, land, energy and environment interventions, could provide tangible solutions and promote innovation in the region.

Following up work, outputs and impacts achieved in previous years, GWP-Med will engage during 2017-2019 in the Climate Change Adaptation agenda through the following key lines:

Aimed outputs: Regional and national policy dialogue is facilitated, capacity is built and solutions are catalysed on climate change adaptation and climate variability issues

Progress markers: Decision makers and stakeholders develop better understanding of and advance policies related to climate change and variability mainstreaming in national and sectoral planning processes towards climate security, including by addressing mitigation/adaptation co-benefits, through:

  • policy and action planning;
  • elaboration of investment portfolios;
  • exploration of options for private sector engagement;
  • support to countries on preparing and advancing National Adaptation Plans (NAPs);
  • support to countries on preparing and advancing Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDCs) setting and implementation; etc.

Partners: Governments, local authorities, RBOs, sustainable development stakeholders, regional institutions, private sector including insurance companies, donors.

Indicatively, key aimed beneficiaries include: Ministry of Agriculture of Tunisia, Palestinian Water Authority, Lebanese Ministry of Energy and Water, Jordanian Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Mauritanian Ministry of Hydraulics, Ministry of Tourism and Sustainable Development of Montenegro, Ministry of Environment of Albania, etc.