Call for Quotations - The reinstatement of the stormwater reservoir at Paola, Malta

The call for quotations involves the reinstatement of the stormwater reservoir at Paola, Malta within the framework of Climate Change Adaptation through Non Conventional Water Resources Management in North Mediterranean Programme (a.k.a. Alter Aqua).

The aim of this call is to provide a full reinstatement of the reservoir which will include excavation, backfilling, pipe laying and trench reinstatement work. It will also include the connection of the reservoir with an irrigation system for the irrigation of the garden. The restored reservoir would aid in decreasing the impact of flash floods in the area, irrigating the garden and powering the fountain found in the nearby public garden.

NCWR_Call_Paola Reservoir_FINAL

We are kindly inviting you to submit your bids by (new date) WEDNESDAY 24 JUNE 2015 at 15:00 (CET+1) to the contracting authority, in the following address:


12 Kyrristou str.

10556 Athens, Greece

Inquiries on the call for quotations terms: Ms Konstantina Toli

Contact tel: +30-210-3247267+30-210-3247267, -21032474902103247490