New challenges related to water have strongly emerged in the Mediterranean like those linked with increased migration flows due to conflict, social unrest and degradation of natural resources and well as changing consumption patterns. Linked with these, employment challenges, particularly for the younger generation and women, remain central and in need of long term approaches and substantial action.

GWP-Med engaged during 2017-2019 in the Water-Employment-Migration agenda, with a strong focus on Youth and Gender targets, through the following key lines:

Aimed outputs: Networking, policy planning, vocational training and local pilot applications for addressing Employment and Migration challenges related to water security are promoted

Progress markers: Regional, national and local partners engage for long-term solutions to Water Security, Employment & Migration challenges, with emphasis on Gender, and Youth engagement, at the countries of migrants’ origin, in the intermediate receiving countries, and the countries of destination.

Partners: Governments, employment and migration stakeholders, sustainable development stakeholders, regional institutions, private sector, local authorities, donors