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Development of AIP Water Investment Scorecard Kicks-Off

The Development of the AIP Water Investment Scorecard, which will mobilise water and sanitation investments in Africa through political commitment at the highest level in Africa, was formally initiated this week during an online event held on 28 April.
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Advanced climate resiliency in West and Central Africa

Across West and Central Africa, surface temperatures have increased significantly over the last 50 years. The primary impacts of climate change are mostly felt through water. Climate-related events such as droughts and flooding are already having a significant and diverse impact across the region, exacerbating existing challenges such as rapid population growth, extreme poverty, water shortages, rapid urbanisation and conflict.
/ Southern Africa

Supporting the implementation of Urban Sanitation, Drainage and Solid Waste Management in Mozambique

The Africa Water Facility (AWF)/ African Development Bank (AfDB) and Global Water Partnership (GWP) are supporting the Development Plan and Feasibility Study for Urban Sanitation, Drainage and Solid Waste Management in Chimoio and Inhambane in Mozambique. The overall goal of the investments is to improve climate resilience and health in the two target municipalities. This will be achieved through improved services in sanitation, drainage and solid waste management, impacting in the form of reduced risk for flooding and improved health. From the 8th to the 16th March 2017, Representatives from GWP and AWF/ AfDB attended the project launch mission in Maputo, Chimoio and Inhambane.