Welcome to the public consultation of GWP’s Draft Strategy 2020-2025!

We invite you to read the draft strategy and share your thoughts. Comments will be considered and incorporated into the final version of the strategy document, which will be launched in July 2019. The consultation period runs from 6-20 May 2019.

GWP is an action network that works for a water secure world. To do this, we bring together different people and sectors to work for better water governance. Because GWP is all about bringing many voices to the table, our new strategy needs input from across our network and across the world.

We welcome all comments and feedback, particularly around these questions:

  • Does the strategy capture well what GWP can contribute to solving water challenges and advancing water security?
  • Does the strategy provide:        
          -    Clarity?
          -    Compass/direction?
          -    Inspiration?
  • What is most exciting/compelling about the strategy? What is not clear?

For more information on how you can submit feedback to our draft strategy  follow this link