Drawing Lessons from the WACDEP – New Knowledge Products

Following the end of the first phase of WACDEP in 2016, an African Ministers’ Council on Water (AMCOW) programme implemented by the Global Water Partnership (GWP) and partners, a number of knowledge products have been developed to help capture the various lessons and experiences drawn from the various WACDEP projects. The products provide a more comprehensive understanding of the programmes innovative approach.

These knowledge products are the opportunity to make available the programmes thinking and knowledge as we continue to build a water secure and climate resilient world. Access the products below:

  1. Video

 Implementing the Water Security and Climate Programme Mozambique

The ten-minute video looks at the WACDEP capacity building process in Mozambique. The video illustrates the WACDEP framework and how this was used as a building block to leveraging funds for water security and climate resilience in Mozambique. The video thus demonstrates the successes of GWP operating at country level in terms of development impact through leveraging resources for infrastructure development to tackle challenges of climate impacts and water insecurity.

 2.      Policy Brief and Guidance Documents

The following Policy Briefs and guidance documents highlight the lessons learned and experiences from the WACDEP. The Infrastructure Consortium for Africa (ICA) provided technical support, through Pegasys Capital, for the implementation of the WACDEP component on Project Preparation and Financing and this forms the basis of these products.

  • Project Preparation and Financing in the Water, Climate and Development Programme [English] [French]
  • Water Security and Climate Resilience Development: Overcoming Bottlenecks in Project Preparation. [English] [French]
  • Water Security and Climate Resilience Development:  Investing in Early-Stage Conceptualisation as a Vital Step   in Ensuring Long-Term Success [English] [French]
  • Process Guidance Document for Preparing Water Security and Climate Resilience Investment Projects Turning Project Ideas into Bankable Concept Notes [English] [French]
  • Water Security in Africa How Innovative Financing Can Enable Climate Resilient Development [English] [French]