GWP and Partners launch the ChangeMakers Award

On 22 March 2020 (World Water Day) GWP and Partners launched the ChangeMakers Award - a global competition that celebrates transformative changes towards a water secure world.

The main purpose of the ChangeMaker Awards is to make visible the teams and organisations who shape water decisions that build climate resilience. The awards are also meant to stimulate recognition of organisations and individuals that manage water in a climate resilient way; solutions to help water practitioners address their water management challenges; and collaboration to promote and build a broader learning community.


  1. What: ChangeMaker initiatives should be about decisions involving water that have contributed to building resilience to climate change.
  2. Who: All organisations, entities, and individuals associated with the public, private, and non-profit sector are eligible to submit their ChangeMaker initiative. Submitters need to be involved in the initiative described or have the agreement of those involved in order to submit. If you have more than one experience to share, you may: Multiple submissions are welcome.
  3. Where: Initiatives can be from anywhere in the world.
  4. When: Initiatives must be either ongoing or concluded within the last five (5) years

Submissions begin on March 30 2020, ending on 31 May 2020 and will be done through an online form.

For more information on the Changemaker Award follow this link.