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Cooperation key to promoting sustainable water resources management in the Southern African Development Community region

Southern Africa is endowed with a complex network of river systems, which are formed extensively from shared watercourses. 15 of the river basins within the region are shared between one or more countries, 13 of which are shared fully within the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region. Cooperation is needed to promote sustainable management, development, and use of these shared water resources. This was one of the recommendations given during the special session on river basin organisations convened by SADC, OKACOM, and GWPSA on 20 October 2022 at the 23rd WaterNet/ WARFSA/ GWPSA Symposium.
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Capacity development key to producing quality data for decision making

There is a decline in the capacity of institutions within the SADC region to produce data for decision making and negotiations. It is, therefore, imperative to develop institutions’ data management capacities as a means of improving the adequacy, quality, and quality of data for decision making in transboundary water management.
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GWPSA mourns death of SADC water pioneer Michael Mutale

GWPSA received news of Michael Mutale’s passing on 20 June 2021 with deep shock. Michael’s dedication, passion, commitment and contribution to the water sector is well known within the SADC region, Africa, and globally. We have lost a true patriot, committed professional, and a dedicated champion of water.
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Development of AIP Water Investment Scorecard Kicks-Off

The Development of the AIP Water Investment Scorecard, which will mobilise water and sanitation investments in Africa through political commitment at the highest level in Africa, was formally initiated this week during an online event held on 28 April.
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GWP Africa lays the foundation for an International Water Law Community of Practice

Global Water Partnership (GWP)’s Africa Coordination Unit hosted the first Transboundary Water Governance Lab online event on the 18th November, with the purpose of assessing interest in the establishment of an International Water Law Community of Practice (CoP). The event was attended by alumni and partners of the Pan-African Water Governance and International Water Law, which has taken place annually since 2015.