Dr. Patrice Kabeya

SADC Representative

Dr Patrice Kabeya is the Senior Programme Officer for Water (SPO) at the SADC Secretariat. He is responsible for developing programmes that lead to promoting efficient and effective management of shared watercourses and improving the development of strategic water infrastructure in the SADC region. His areas of expertise include water management, economic analysis for water investment projects, institutional development, application of research to water economy, and econometrics. Dr Kabeya earned a PhD in Economics and International Development at the University of Bradford, United Kingdom.

His experience includes implementation of regional water resources management and development in the SADC region, which include programme interventions in regional instruments for cooperation; establishment and strengthening of Oceanic States Cooperation and shared watercourse institutions (SWIs) in mainland SADC, gender mainstreaming, youth and stakeholder engagement, capacity development and research; infrastructure development, operation and maintenance, water resources management for sustainable management, climate variability and change, and industrialisation and Nexus approach.